Automatic dough sheeters SF A

Our puff pastry machine is functional, sturdy and easy to use. It is a reliable piece of equipment which will adapt to the work requirements of medium and big productions. All the automatica models are equipped of 5,7” colored touch screen panel which allows to work in three modes: manual/semiautomatic/automatic. In this way the machine’s programming becomes easy and intuitive for the operator. It is possible to register 50 recipes with different production cycles. The machine can have as optionals the flour duster and winder that let to accelerate lavoration times.

MOD. SF 6514 A

Technical specifications SF A 6514 SF A 6516 SF A 6520
Lenght A 3960-200* 4160-200* 4560-200*
Width B 1035 1035 1035
Height C 1460-200** 1460-200** 1460-200**
Belt lenght D 1400 1600 2000
Belt width E 650 650 650
Work top h. from floor - F 945 945 945
Meas. cyl. max. aperture 50 50 50
Measuring cyl. diameter 80 80 80
Motors: power hp 1,5 1,5 2
Motors: absorption KW/h 1,1 1,1 1,5
Gross weight Kg 350 400 500
Net weight Kg 330 380 480

* Consider -200 mm if your machine doesn't include winder.
** Consider -200 mm if your machine doesn't include duster.

The double seat cutting station avoids the dough to stick in the moulds.
Color display.

Automatic flour duster.
Automatic winder.

Duo the technical progress, Z.Matik reserves the right to change technical features without notice.